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Video Editor ➣ Motion Graphics ➣ 3D Design… 4 Years of Experience... Lets work together! ;]


After Effects
Content Strategy
Clip Highlights
Content Editor
Graphic Design
Cenematic Editing Ex.

Just a simple yet energetic edit i made in 3 hours! Imagine what 6 would look like!😉 enjoy it!

Content Editng Ex. #2.

Video Is also a big aged & a filler video. None the less, the editing's still great & entertaining!

3D Custom Text Ex. #1.

This is a Beautiful Example of the custom 3D Asset Commissions i also do! These can be implimented with names, logos, & all types of objects like 3D Guns, Ammunition, Blunt force weaponry, Serrated weaponry, & TONSS OF MORE!

Content Editing Ex. #1.

This is a good example of what you can expect from me & more. (This video is OLDDD!)

Best Youtube Algorithm Eminent Fortnite Intro Ever Made.

Best Youtube Algorithm Eminent Fortnite Intro Ever Made. (Not Shitting You.. lol.)

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Content Creator

a year ago

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a year ago

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If you ever work with this guy, make sure to give him a big FAT TIP. Because there is a chance you are underpaying this man. The work he sent me was beyond my expectations. It almost made me feel bad that I was paying him so little

a year ago

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Motion Designer

Not only is your editing the best thing I've seen, your thumbnail capability is AMAZING! Hit him up ASAP

a year ago

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Video Editor

Amazing editing style, very unique and adaptable to different content, 10/10 I'd 100% recommended.

a year ago

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Honestly amazing. Definitely the best editor i've ever had work with me, wish more people were like him. Constantly spoke with me and didnt let me down. 10/10!

a year ago

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Video Editor

Extremely adaptive, amazing work ethic & consistent contact w/ clients! Can 100% expect the highest quality of work from Kenji.

a year ago