What is Candle?

Connect. Collab. Create. We want to connect freelancers, content creators and clients to create the best projects possible. We hope to have a curated directory of these creatives, especially in an ever-changing digital era, the rise of freelancers and hobbyists to provide additional income.

Why Candle?

A candle is symbolic for illuminating and providing light. We hope to connect creatives and creators through this way by working together and building a network of reliable, hardworking and talented creatives.


How do I search for creatives / clients?

Currently we are only able to support searching for specific users on the platform through our title directory. We have implemented specific role tags, but not the functionality to search for those yet. Please use the title directories to guide you and find suitable candidates.

Why am I not showing up in the directory?

Only users who have their commissions open will show up on the directory, as it is easier for clients to find who has openings. Users with a “closed commission” status will still show up in the search bar, just not in the directory.

I don’t see the skill or title that I want.

Please send in your suggestions and feedback to our Discord channels. We will gladly add any skills that we are missing under your title if we find it relevant.

Something’s not working. I think I found a bug.

Please send in bug reports to our Discord and we will have a look at it as soon as we can. Thank you!

Are you planning on adding any features?

We do! Candle is in it’s MVP stage, where we are working to see if this idea works. Once we see users using our most standard functionalities, we hope to add on all the different things such as ways to monetize the platform, ways to remember users, etc. We have a lot planned for the future of Candle.


How do I sign up?

You may sign up with your Gmail, Discord or Twitch accounts. Please be aware that if you use multiple ways to sign up, you will be creating multiple accounts! It is important for you to remember what authentication you used to login.

How do I change my username?

Edit profile and change username. The minimum character limit is 4 letters. We currently do not accept any symbols. If your preferred username is taken and you claim the username verified for other profiles, we will try our best to give you that username as long as you provide evidence that those handles are yours.

How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! We will remove all your personal information collected. Please send in a request to with your username and if you could tell us why, or provide us any feedback!


How do I add a collaborator to my project?

You are able to do this under the “Edit Portfolio” tab. You can tag up to a maximum of 8 users on a project. The users will be sent a notification to be tagged in your project. Once the user has accepted, their user profile photo will be tagged on the top right of the project.

Can I add more than 1 URL?

Not at the moment. We can only support one URL in the project tabs, but you can place links in the description if you need to.

Can I upload or embed videos?

Yes! You can now add YouTube videos to your projects. To do so, go to "Edit Portfolio" and click "Add Project", and then you should see a button that allows you to add YouTube videos.


How do I write a review?

You can write a review in a user’s profile page. It is located under their profile descriptions. You can leave a star rating and submit the review for immediate approval. If there is a typo, don’t worry - you can edit the reviews too.

How do I remove a review?

You have an option to flag reviews on your profile that are not genuine or contain profanity. For immediate assistance, please ask a moderator on our Discord channel.

Still have unanswered questions?

Ask us on our Discord channel!

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