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At Candle, we want to help you connect with creatives. We want you to collaborate with others. We want to see your creative ideas come to life. Whether you’re looking to find graphics, develop websites, or looking for some inspiration for your next project, we hope you can find it here.

Our Story

As a freelancer or hobbyist, it’s hard to find work. It’s hard to find reliable creatives. It’s hard to find responsible clients. Candle was founded by Cheery (@Cheery) on the belief that there is a better way to hire and connect with creatives.

We see creators and creatives hire and advertise their work on social media platforms where these posts are competing against other noises and complicated algorithms. We are inspired by the passionate freelancers, the “commission opens”, the “retweets appreciated” and the honest work that goes behind creating work in an ever-changing digital era. We believe that as creative freelancers, the way to succeed is to illuminate others. This is reflected in our logo as it resembles a flame in an infinity symbol. This is what makes up Candle.

What's New?

We’re currently in our MVP stages to test this concept and hope you can support us by creating a profile, adding your portfolio, writing reviews, sharing it with your friends, and giving us feedback. This is only the beginning as we have a lot of features envisioned for our future.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord or contact us at info@candle.gg


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