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I'm a Singer-songwriter, personal assistant, and a music & variety streamer from NYC! Open to stream collabs (games) & music collaborations!


Social Media
Community Manager
dreamy night (Cover)

Break My Heart (Cover)

Say So (Cover)

It's Me & You (Cover)

F2020 (CoveR)

All Girls Among Us

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Video Editor

Caroline has been and will always be one of the most kind-hearted and patient content creators I've gotten the chance to work with! Through countless struggles, she manages to care for her friends, her loving community, and maintains a pretty consistent schedule. She deserves a lot more credit for the work she does, and I'm lucky to be able to help her out!

7 months ago

KeeLokerStar Icon5

Video Editor

Absolutely wonderful to work for. A very talented content creator whose passion and love for her work is only matched by how loving and close her community is. She's very patient and understanding with the people she works with and being an editor for her has truly been a delight.

7 months ago