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LA Based Video Editor Sometimes set assistant Working with the Voice Of Crypto currently Worked previously - Offline Tv , Fuslie , StreamerCampLa , Travis Gafford Industries

Other Titles


After Effects
Video Content
Video Production
Stream Highlights
Clip Highlights
Premiere Pro
Video Editing
Fuslie Youtube

Video Editor for a brief set of videos mostly around Vlog Content

Offline TV

Video Editor and Production Assistant for Offline Tv Channel through one year

Travis Gafford Interviews LCS

Video Editor and Production all on site at LCS in Los Angeles. Went from filming interviews to editing them all in between scheduled games. So no work was done at home but all on site..

Johnny Young Voice Actor

Channel Manager and Editor From Thumbnail Design to Content Creation and Video Editing

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Video Editor

Reliable, kind, passionate and an absolute beast of an editor.

4 years ago