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2+ years experience in content editing, 5+ in editing. Some experience in channel management. Working in Premiere Pro/After Effects. Currently Editing for Doublelift Portfolio: http://sammyyoo.com/

Other Titles


Adobe Suite
Video Production
Clip Highlights
Video Highlights
Content Editor
Video Editing
Cinematic Editor

Editor for Magikarp Used Fly

Among Us Clips

Among us videos I edited and streamed myself!

Woori TV

Vlogs and stream highlights I did for WooriTV!

IRL Content

Some of my IRL work ranging from documentaries to skits!

LoL eSports IG post

Make a copy of the lolesports Instagram video highlights for the LEC plays (with some of my own edits) as well an imitation For Reference: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtgZRD8BtmC/


Some of my highlight work for TrulyTenzin

smolpeasantStar Icon5


Super refreshing to work with, and you can tell he puts in a lot of time of effort to get you what you wanted!!

4 years ago

absorbingtouchStar Icon5


Passionate editor who listens to instruction well and also adds in his own ideas (which are always funny and clever). Works hard to finish edits, sometimes even working overnight. All his videos are extremely entertaining due to humour and editing skills! Highly recommend!

4 years ago

cageycoverStar Icon5


Funny streamer

4 years ago

KasletStar Icon5

Graphic Designer

Was very open to ideas and flexible with what I needed. Extremely easy to work with and I was pleased with the finished product. Will definitely be utilizing their services in the future.

4 years ago

JustoStar Icon5


Passionate content creator and video editor. Been doing lots of great work.

4 years ago

HoonieStar Icon5


Works hard! He literally will not sleep until he gets what he wants to be finished, completed. Editing skills? IMMACULATE. Top-notch.

4 years ago

KyuubiStar Icon5

UX Designer

10/10 guy to work with. Very funny and always open to new ideas. Wide variety of skills from serious videography to more comedic vlogging, can do just about anything!

4 years ago

lysdecxiaStar Icon5


Really chill and funny dude, easy to work with and open to feedback - always striving to improve.

4 years ago

tritechanceStar Icon5


S tier editor, would highly recommend this guy right here!

4 years ago