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Hello! I'm Mikuni, I'm an emote/chibi artist. I like doing bubbly item of artwork and I'm slowly adapting myself into video editing, animation and merch such as stickers, keychains & pins.

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Emote Artist
Animated Gifs
Clip Studio Paint
Stream Graphics
Graphics for streamers

These are graphics I currently make for content creators which includes things like emotes, subbadges, headers, panels, Icons! you name it!


Hello! I'm Mikuni, a virtual artist trying to expand herself and her artwork. My current projects are a webtoon series called "Impostor among us." learning basic animation and vmodel making. You can check out my site for pricing, examples and my stores!

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Mikuni is an artist that brings emotes to life in her own bubbly way. I approached her to draw my first set of emotes on Twitch. I had some broad ideas, but she helped me narrow down my ideas and found a way to express myself through her emote designs. The result is a set of emotes that truly captures who I am and what I like to play on my stream. I will definitely keep working with Mikuni on other art collaborations in the future. I think you should give her a shot if you like bubbly-style emotes and are willing to take your time to hone out your emote ideas with her!

4 years ago

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Emotes were really well done! Easy to work with, would definitely recommend!

4 years ago