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I primarily mix vocal covers for the content creator community. Clients/collaborators include lolnani, xDarleeng, AkiCarlito, mariette, annytf, Jikku, drawwithjoo. If you are game dev and/or and looking for my other work, contact me on discord.

Other Titles


Music Production
IECB'20 Entry

IECB 2020 R0 Entry, Outsider by Eve.

Painter Community Collab

72 vocalist chorus collaboration

K/DA Popstars

Commission for Aki with lolnani and Darleeng

MSCB'20 Entry

Entry for MSCB 2020.

"Scramble Kousai" Commission

2019 Single Vocal Commission for Seraph.

Sunflower Commission

2018 Single Vocal Commission for Aki.

Sunday Morning Commission

2019 Single Vocal Commission.

King Instrumental Commission

2018 King by Lauren Aquilina Instrumental Commission.

SAO Iris Piano Commission

2019 Piano Cover Commission/Raffle.

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amazing personality, very easy to work with the end product is always stunning as well

2 years ago

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I've worked with Shaya on multiple occasions for a lot of different projects, and they've always been informatively constructive, helpful, and overall amazing.

2 years ago