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Heyo! I'm Tizen! I have 3 years of experience editing in the Adobe Suite of products and have been doing full time editing for just over a year now! I primarily have worked on stream highlights and highly edited gaming videos for quite a few creators including Lt. Eddy, Jawsh, Altrive, JoCat, and Jameskii. However I have worked on other projects before such as Vlogs and other educational content! I'm always looking for more work so let me know what you want! I have also gone to school for audio and TV production if that means anything.

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Motion Graphics
After Effects
Adobe Suite
Stream Highlights
Premiere Pro
Video Editing
Demo Reel

A quick showcase of some creators I have worked with along with the skills I currently have!

JoCat Videos

Commissions for JoCat; stream highlights of the game Hollow Knight

Lt Eddy Work

A handful of videos I've done for Lt. Eddy (I am the main editor for them)

Misc Projects

A handful of videos I've worked on for many different creators (Those being Snedger, Whimsy Plushie, GeekDotExe, and Krinios) All of these were commission

SeigiVA videos

Commissioned videos I have done for voice actor Seigi

James (Jameskii) Videos

Videos that I cut down for Jameskii's live channel: James

Jawsh videos

I am currently one of Jawsh's editors and work on stream highlights

GeekDotExeStar Icon5

Video Editor

This guys is kinda awesome and cracked please hire him

a year ago

mockspadeStar Icon5

Content Creator

Tizen is the kindest person you could possibly hire to do your edits. The fast turnaround time, the flexibility, and ability to deliver amazing edits will make you want to hire him again and again. Definitely would work with again.

a year ago

ZiggyDergStar Icon5

Video Editor

Cool dude and a very talented and dedicated editor! Very easy-going, chill to work with, and all around amazing guy. 100% highly recommended!

a year ago

AverySwansonStar Icon5

Video Editor

a year ago