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I'm Nobita, and I'm a freelance video editor. I use Premiere and After Effects to edit. Editing for 2+ Years 5+ Million Views across all videos Let's grow your channel together. Dm's are open. Email me: nobitaedits@gmail.com

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After Effects
Stream Highlights
Content Editor
Premiere Pro
Video Editing
Video Editing for Torres

I edited for Torres for about 6 months in a row, he was the main reason that i gain some exposure in the community. But after editing for about 6 months he said that for a while he wanted to edit for himself since he wasnt making enough to pay me, but now a then i still edit sum of his videos, and one day ill be back full time for him.

Video Editing for Numeiro

I started content editing with Numeiro. Not with him personally, but with his editor. So he sent me the videos that he couldnt do it, and i finished them. Im not tagged on the bio, but i can asure that it was me who edited the videos, i have no reasons to lie about it

Video Editing for Owhana

Owhana is a beatuty channel that ive been editing for a couple of months now. The videos are not that regular, but every video is long and that dont require a lot of editing. She was the one that approached me to start editing for her.

Video Editing for Diogo Costa

Diogo Costa is another portuguese content creator that hit me up asking for me to edit his videos. His channels videos are based on vlogs and personalizing items. It help me get into After Effects and help me get exposure aswell.

Video Editing for Nuno Moura

I started working with nuno moura at the same time that i was working with Diogo costa. I was only editing a couple of his videos for when is editor couldnt do it. Nuno Moura was the be honest one of my worst clients in terms of payment

Video Editing for Migueis

I started working with Migueis recently since he was the one that approached me. His videos are very simple to do, and hes a good client.

Video Editing for Shutdown

Shutdown is my recent client.

Video Editing for Windoh

On the 17 of July i started editing for Windoh since his passed editor passed me that role. Windoh videos are based on Vlogs and some Opening Cases.

Fortnite Content

I can also edit fornite Highlight videos and content videos Only did too because i usually dont have people asking me to do them


I started editing daily for Elanip on the 2nd month on Feb and has been fun to do it :D


I'm Skripe 2nd channel video editor :) We upload daily

Video Trials

Here i have my trials to be an editor for famous streamers or youtubers

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