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Hey there, I'm panda :) I like making animations and graphics in my free time. Feel free to hit me up if you want to work together.

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Animated Gifs
Motion Graphics
Logo Animation
Stream Overlays
After Effects
Stream Graphics
Album Cover/Animation for ZEYAH.

One of the older projects I did with ZEYAH.

Animated Advert for Nike

Just a random animation I did for the release of a pair of Nike shoes. (Not affilited with Nike in any way)

Cell Animation for my website.

Just a quick/small animation I did for myself using Adobe Animate.

Discord GIF for Kenny Beats

This was the gif I made for the kenny beats discord server when it first started up and the mods were looking for something animated. (After/Before)

Stream elements for Putther.

Putther asked me to partially replicate a stream overlay & alert he liked the aesthetic of and we put the "Putther twist" on them.

Discord Icon for LightningJet

I was asked to create a gif similar to the picture shown but with a bit of a twist on it to make it their own.

Stream element for DrJarba

Just did this while vibing in a call with jarba a while ago. (After/Before)

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Dope guy, we have collaborated on a lot of stuff and hopefully more in the future :). He's very good at what he does and i think his work shows that.

4 years ago