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Hey everyone! My name is Urosh and I come from Serbia. Social Media Management is my thing!

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Social Media
Cane Official

100k+ Subscribers on YouTube 400k+ Followers on TikTok 40k+ Followers on Instagram https://linktr.ee/caneofficialsocials

Lukoni - Paywin

Trending YouTuber and TikToker

Paywin Group

Bigest gambling org in Balkan region.


Incredible success! She is the part of the Top 10 Balkan Tik Streamers


We are smashing live platforms!

Tebra Team - Betting Organization

Very good people I've been working with since the beginning. Very well tactically feasible CEO.


LukoniStar Icon5


Great way to get payed by advertising by this guy!

6 months ago

draganstankovicStar Icon5

Content Creator

We worked together for a couple of months and Mr. Urosh did very well.

6 months ago

Crni87Star Icon5

Content Creator

Great advisor.

9 months ago

grovyStar Icon5


Urosh worked on my gambling site and promoted content across all the social networks we searched for and achieved our goal!

9 months ago

LudiBrattStar Icon5

Content Creator

Hey! I'm one of them and I need to say this young man right here have a potential. We are team till the end!

9 months ago