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Welcome to Candle. ^_^ All projects on this page are commissions I've hired others for! Please refer to @cheeryio for an example of how you can use your profile!

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Social Media
Project Management
Market Research
Virtual Assistant
Public Relations
People Management
Team Management
Cheery Gif

Cheery Chibi Gif by @ceselaaa.

Twitch Emote

Twitch Emote by @matitaart

Teemo Cheery Chibi

Teemo Cheery Chibi by @kyanndere

Art Commission

Cheery Selfie Commission by @lolidango.

Cheery & Riona

Maplestory Cheery & Riona by @wanipurin

Cheery Teemo Commission

Cheery Teemo Art Commission: @lunacyhilly

Chibi Teemo

Chibi Teemo @milkymiruu

Twitch Emotes

Twitch Subscriber Icons and Emotes by @deichuu_. :)

Candle Frontpage

Commissioned @jikku for Candle homepage chibis based on my friends, Jikku, Brodin, Yooj and Lixy!

Cheery Commission

Cheery Casual Commission! Art by: @amefurin_

Cheery 90's Teemo Commission

Cheery Teemo 90's style commission by: @inthestardust

Maplestory and Chibi Commission

Super cute Maplestory character and chibi Cheery commission by: @sugarcreambunny

Cheery Hat Commission

Commission from Harehade, requested a couple different hats and expressions with this! Lovely art style!

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Digital Designer

Great interpersonal and communication skills. Able to manage and multitask various projects of different levels at once and produce noticeable results. Good eye for finding opportunities and turn them into reality.

4 years ago

JikkuStar Icon5


she aight sike shes like cool I guess very hardworking and diligent, very easy to talk to and a good souled individual. would highly recommend for her manager work.

4 years ago

InFamousStar Icon5

Video Editor

One of the most kind-hearted and hard-working people in this industry, Incredibly likable and reliable.

4 years ago

spookStar Icon5

Video Editor

Incredibly reliable, super kind and hard working. Loved and appreciated every moment of working with her and I'm really thankful to have met her.

4 years ago