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ex-lead content editor at Akshon Esports, Korean <->English translator/interpreter, motion graphic artist, meme creator.

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Link to Personal Portfolio

Link to my personal design portfolio. Here you will find all of my design projects in one website.

Akshonpedia: Explaining lingo through memes and graphics

A video series I started and produced the first 9 episodes explaining the various esports lingo commonly used in esports and the OWL. Achieved a milestone of reaching over 1 million views on the "What is C9" video, being one of the most viewed videos related to the C9 esports team and on the Akshon channel itself.

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Worked with Andy during my time at Akshon Esports! Super reliable, great video editor and the almighty translator of all Korean content. Passionate about gaming (he has his own podcast!) and hardworking guy.

4 years ago