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Photographer & Graphic Designer who has dabbled in the esports world for a bit. Would love to go to more esports events to highlight player & spectator emotions. I am a travel photographer who has been all over from Illinois, California, New Jersey, and will now be living in Las Vegas. I am willing to travel all over for events. My primary focus is strictly PHOTOGRAPHY based but I am willing to make graphic edits if need be. https://www.sarahranahanphotography.com/

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Live Events
Monthly Breakdowns

Each month I submit a "breakdown" of 10 photos to my website that highlight that month. This has been a project for me to pursue during COVID19 social distancing. I look forward to shooting more portraits of live events & sports again.

Product Photography

Products being photographed. Looking forward to improving with this area of photography and mixing it with my graphic design skills of photo manipulation.

Portrait Photography

A well done portrait picture can really tell a story about an individual or place. It has always been one of my favorite things to capture as a photographer. I look forward to being able to grow in this area and take more creative liberties. You can see more at my website link.

Nature Photography

Nature has so much beauty to behold. I love capturing the details of it all. You can view more at my website link.

Graphic Work

From social media assets such as advertisements to logos for events and individuals, I certainly have had fun with graphic design. I prefer to do social media assets for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. I welcome all work. I have worked with various amateur esports teams such as Supernova, Dark Star Gaming, and Arizona University. (2018) I have also worked with many different individuals to create assets they need for their streams and social media. You can view more of the social media banners and graphic work I have done at the provided link. Thank you!

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Graphic Designer

Design, photography, editing, she can do it all! Amazing person to work with, would love to work with her again!

2 years ago

laavkaStar Icon5

Graphic Designer

Whispr has some of the best photography I've ever seen! Her passion for her craft definitely shines through in each picture she takes and there's no one else I'd recommend if you're looking for a photographer.

2 years ago

maddeningcameraStar Icon5


Have gotten a few twitter headers/twitch overlays done while I was involved in the eSports scene. Whispr was always timely in completing commissions and communicative throughout the process. She was always happy to edit or make small changes after completion! Quality was good, especially for the low price. All the completed files were emailed upon completion and ready for use.

2 years ago