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Hi!! I'm laavka/lavi and I've been doing freelance design for over 4 years now. I'm currently working with Mizkif for youtube thumbnails for both his channels and I've worked with other content creators like Voyboy and Pokimane in the past :) I look forward to working with you! ♥ If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Other Titles


Stream Overlays
Stream Graphics
Social Media Graphics
Twitch screens!

Twitch screens done for various clients! Includes offline, be right back, starting/ending soon etc! ♥

In game overlays!

In game overlays for various clients! Includes simple webcam/event bar overlays or complex hud-based ones (like league)! ♥

Youtube Thumbnails!

Youtube thumbnails done for various clients! Including Mizkif, ForestWithin, VernNotice & Chaseshaco! ♥

Social media headers!

Social media headers for various clients! Including youtube, twitter, facebook and twitch. ♥

Intermission overlays!

Intermission overlays for various clients! Also known as in queue, chatting etc ~ ♥

Twitch panels and alerts!

Twitch panels and alerts for various clients! ♥

Price sheet

Prices per item that I offer - more info can be found on my website but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!! ♥

KryptekValorStar Icon5

Content Creator

Cannot give enough stars for Laavka. Very accommodating with orders, and understanding of any requested changes. Open communication with a top tier professional attitude about it all. A wonderful artist, could not recommend her enough, and will never stop recommending her.

8 months ago

TruBluLewStar Icon5


Have been a customer of Laavka for years since she started selling on Tumblr. Glad to see her product line growing and taking off as she is an amazing creator and actually amazingly pleasant to work with

8 months ago

KairuStar Icon5


Laavka delivers quickly and has been the best person I've ever worked with. I will always go back to them whenever I need graphic work done. Very pretty designs and I plan to commission them again very soon!

9 months ago

baileyx3Star Icon5


Great graphic designer. Very easy to work with and easy to talk to. Overall, reasonable, amazing graphic design skills and will definitely design things that you are happy with whether it's thumbnails for videos, stream overlays, etc.

9 months ago

Frost0Star Icon5


I would commission Laavka again! super professional.

9 months ago

MantalizardStar Icon5


Communicative, thorough and very pleasant to talk to- all around, a full package experience. I will absolutely be back.

9 months ago

WhisprStar Icon5


Great communication, hard worker, and amazingly skilled with photoshop. Not much else you can ask for someone looking for social media assets!! They have helped create beautiful assets for my streams for Twitch and other social media assets for YouTube and Twitter!

9 months ago

BladeStar Icon5


Laavka was amazing to work with! She sent me frequent updates and was willing to adjust and modify until I was 100% satisfied. Would highly recommend!

9 months ago

SensyStar Icon5

Audio Engineer

Laavka is a fantastic designer, fast turnarounds, and always willing to work with you!

9 months ago

NepheloydStar Icon5


Laavka is amazing to work with <3 Very professional and makes great designs!

9 months ago

VarraindoraStar Icon5


Absolute joy to work with and very fast worker! The package looked Absolutely amazing and she let me switch up a lot of the options prior to starting l! Would recommend!

9 months ago

EsaiStar Icon5


High quality work, excellent attention to detail, provides updates on your commission(s) as well as being open to hearing feedback and working with you to create a product that meets customer and commissioner satisfaction.

9 months ago

AzonateStar Icon5


Professional, easy to work with, endless creativity and always delivers quality work! Choose Laavka for all your gfx needs!

9 months ago

ornaydaStar Icon5

Video Editor

DAMNNNN SOME GOOOOD STUFF couldn't have asked for a better product! Love the designs she does

9 months ago

unableselectionStar Icon5


one of the best in the business

9 months ago