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[Projects WIP] Hi I'm Jikku, hobby digital artist who specializes in chibi/cartoon styles. I don't open coms but feel free to hit me up for any questions or future projects~

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Emote Artist
Character Design
Digital Illustration
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Digital Art
PaintTool SAI
Candle.gg Commission

Commissioned chibis for the Candle.gg front page by @Cheery! Chibis including myself, Brodin, Yooj and Lixy~

Terms of Service

Hello! This is a link for my general terms of service Just email me at jikku120@gmail.com or contact me on twitter dms if you have any questions~ Sorry no waitlisting

OfflineTV Season 2 Merch

June 2018 - August 2018 OfflineTV Season 2 merch design commissions

OfflineTV Outpost Santa Barbra (DnD)

February 2020 - May 2020 OfflineTV Outpost Santa Barbra DnD Commission | Daffadill - Human Bard, Kanon D Baal - Half Elf Wizard, LeeLee - Half Orc Barbarian, Po Tato - Human Fighter


March 2019 - May 2019 OfflineTV Odyssey DnD Commission | Alunar - Dragonborn Barbarian, Levi - Human Thief, Theodore - Hill Dwarf Sorcerer, Ugg - Half-orc Paladin, Viviana - High Elf Bard

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Audio Engineer

amazing artist!! could not ask for any better

4 years ago

DuviorStar Icon5


He's cool, easy to work and to communicate with!

4 years ago

artysaurStar Icon5

Content Creator

Produces high quality work! Art style is super distinct and clean. Really easy to communicate with and overall just a cool guy ~

4 years ago

MissCinnabunStar Icon5


Very professional and has a clean, recognizable style. Nice to talk to and will ask for clarifications if need be. ❤

4 years ago

CheeryStar Icon5


Commissioned Jikku on multiple accounts. I love working with him, and my clients also love working with him. His art style is very recognizable for its distinct Jikku-style. He helped with Candle's homepage graphics, and also is a great emote artist. Fast turnaround time, good rates and very very responsive. Thanks Jikku! :D

4 years ago